Thursday, May 5, 2011

Manila Ocean Park

Finally, the kid’s long wait to see manila ocean park was here...
The family was excited. I read so much review of this place.
We’re booked at H2O hotel courtesy of a drug company. And as we were getting off the car, we were greeted by a good-looking porter who was trying to converse in English...I think he was trying to be impressive...but...he sounded a bit awkward. He should have spoken in Tagalog na, anyway we all were speaking tagalog. Or...teka baka...mas weird kung tagalog ang salita
The kids enjoyed the pool and were thrilled to see the sea lion practice . “wow, alam ng sea lion  mag-wave, clap and smile”...ang galing. Pero yun lang, baka after the end of the main show...bundat na iyon sa kakapakain ng small fish...because after each trick, he’s fed with a lot of fishes. The main event will start 11am pa...wawa.

I was trying to evade going to the Oceanarium where the fishes are viewed...Entrance is 400 each...that’s 2000 sweet ones for this family...The practical side of me thought of bringing them somewhere to eat or find something useful to spend on...perhaps school supplies? But the academic part of me thought of educational benefit...And the sinister side of me thought of giving my kids simple bragging rights... Mwahahaha... (very motherly don’t you think?)
In the end, I paid 1900 kasi my two kids were less than 4.5 feet. We might not have another chance to come back ever.(yeah right...Mwahahaha.)
And oh boy, was there a lot of fish!
A huge arapaima and hito greeted us was soo big that it’s like seeing Monster Fish with Jeremy Wade. Truly Amazing... there were alligators too...kinda reminds me of our Then there were small fishes.The sort which you see in pet shops...but in bigger aquariums. The kids were amused. ”Mommy, nakita mo ba yung bahay ni Nemo?!!” asked my little girl with intense fascination in her eyes , jumping up and down pa...(which is by the way, worth more than There were bigger fish tanks...bigger pa than our office space...Magnificent...but fish tank was full of gray lapu-lapu, one fish tank of talakitok, barracuda, another  with mayamaya, sapsap, pampano, swordfish, shark suddenly hit me... Those are just fishes in our palengke. And by comparison ,They are far smaller than what we had for prito. And I paid 1900 to see our sinigang na lapu-lapu swim in front of me when we could have been eating them... 1 kilo red lapu-lapu is 175php only . (talk about
Then, we’ve been to fairy jellies show too...that was a lot of DIKYA...wall to wall, pillar to pillars of jelly fish. Dikya, dikya, dikya .different colors. dikya.
Good thing we’ve been to Luneta Park...So the kids knew Luneta was real and not just page of a book they need to memorize. Come to think of it, because we’re from far Baler, most of their classmates never ever get to see Rizal park during their lifetime. But ...their FUTURE success is not determined whether they’ve seen Rizal Park or not...

So what just happened??!!
We call it Bonus. Life’s full of them.