Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mense, Period, Regla

 Menstruation never really came up in our family talks. So, although I’m a doctor I forgot to mention it to my kids. (Lol)
One day, when I came home, and my eldest informed that she just got her period.
“Umm, ok, do you have questions about it anak? Are you scared? Do you feel any anxiety?”

 I’m feeling a little anxious myself! And because I lived with my grandparents, during my 1st period,  I was made to jump 3-steps of the stairs so that my period would only last 3 days. And during those days...although it was never given to me...Shioktong was given for cramps and to facilitate the "expulsion of bad blood out of the body"...There was loads of BAWAL which I was happy to oblige .It was pretty scary then .

Right now... there's a continuous flow of voluminous medical information running through my mind on how to attack the situation...and i plan bust all the myths that goes with it...this is one lecture needed to be over and done with...
My baby girl said” Mommy!!???, my classmate had menses already, it’s normal to get it.” And for a jaw breaking moment, I paused. This is unexpected. Just how much does my baby girl know?
Well, she informed me alright...hahaha...she defenitely knew more than I knew then...I simply added that she can drink Dolan 5ml for the cramps and emphasized hygiene.
I informed my mama that her granddaughter had her regla...She was so excited. She was asking for a blow out.

That's funny Ma... It's something so physiologic doesn't need blow out.