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Her parents brainwashed her to become a doctor.

She did become a doctor.

She lives with her family in Baler.

She loves kids.

She practices general paediatrics in a small space inside a small hospital.

She does charity in a heartbeat; if criteria is met (you need to be poor by the way).

She does not join medical missions because she does not believe vitamins, cough syrups and amoxicillin can change the lives of really sick children. She also thinks medical missions are for politicians and those who likes to photograph themselves to declare they helped a community.

She thinks being a mom is very technical in a happy way.

She smiles when her patients say they want to become a doctora...just like you. And she would reply...”Iha, don’t be a doctora... be a stock broker, or underwater welder or petroleum engineer or something else...they all earn more than I do.”

She does not regret moving to Baler though she lived in the city most her life.

She laughs when med reps or drug sales person flatters her because she knows they need quota. She orders a little so they’d be a millimetre closer to their goal.

She loves her kids, so she’s letting them take up whatever college course they want...then off to med school after that.

She hopes her kids would be her greatest achievement of all time.

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