Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where do I live!

Have you ever been asked where you’re from?  
I’d answer clearly and politely...”Baler. “
Then... just like the last time, they would cringe and ask again,” From where?”
 I’d say happily, “Baler, Aurora.”
 And with an authentic stupefied look on their faces, they’d reply “Where is that?”
During the first few hundred times, because I love this place, I’d be excited to explain and describe where it really is.
But later on...although I still love this place, I’d say “Baler, Asia
and afterwards...”My Address is Earth”...grin...”call me when you visit...we’ll be happy to give you a discount”
(10%discount on vaccines and 50% discount on PF on minor and medium operations, including appendectomy, rectal repair)