Wednesday, November 27, 2013

12 Kinds of Medical Representative

The medical representatives aka the "Medreps" are pharmaceutical companies' sales professionals who earn more than  some doctors I know.

Here is a list of 12 kinds of medreps:

1. The promiser
He will promise heaven, earth, your next grocery , hotel booking at mars or even the stars , so long as you dispense ,prescribe or endorse the drug they are carrying. Be wary, there are those who can't carry out their side of the bargain.

2. The egocentric
He comes in the clinic looking more expensive than the doctor himself . He reeks of expensive cologne that can give you allergies and migraine right away. He walks in the hallway with car keys giggling on his belt. He is somewhere between lines of gutsiness and cockiness.

3. The wannabe homo
He can be very entertaining when he visits the clinic. He pretends to be a gay so he can act vivaciously or flirtily. Being remembered is important part of marketing a product. The opposite works well too.

4. The problematic
He tells his sad life story ,and, amusingly, he  never runs out of sad stories. And the only way you can help is if you prescribe or dispense his medicine.

5. The sporadic
He comes once in a blue moon but can sweet talk his way into letting you commit into a contract. 

6. The connected
He establish relationship whether real deal blood relations  or  related by hobby, person of interest or places you've been, even movies seen. Hey, we're related.

7. The newbie
He comes in clueless on what his job is. He thinks he's at Mc Donalds taking the customer's orders without knowing who he is representing or what he's selling.

8. The hustler
He knows he's way around his office. When he has established reasonable relationship with the doctor, he marks up the prices, keeps the freebies and buys goodies for himself while claiming money from his company all in the name of the doctor. 

9. The femme fatale
She is a highly attractive woman who uses her feminine charms to market her product or, sometimes, creates troubles to unsuspecting doctors.

10. The desperate
He begs to get sales. He begs to get quota. He can make a tear drop fall for the added effect.  He doesn't look pitiful though. 

11. The nice and charming
He is easy to talk to. He is refreshing to be with and can make you smile and lessen your burdens. He looks and smells clean too.

12. The jerk
No matter who he is, what changes he has done ,or, what company he represents, nobody likes him.

Number twelve stay away from me.

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