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Measles Vaccine and MMR Vaccine Frequently asked questions

7. You forgot your baby book in the province ,or, your usual pediatrician is away ,or, your house was ravaged by the storm and you lost the vaccination record , and you don't know what vaccines your baby has already received. Can you let your child be vaccinated?

     Yes, (But the vaccines of the same kind needs to be at least one month apart.). And children with no or unknown vaccination history may receive catch- up immunization.

8. Your children are 18, 15, 10 and 5 years old. It was their grandmother who took them to the health center a long time ago. You don't know if the got measles vaccine. The news is creeping you out. Can you get them vaccinated?
     Yes. They may receive measles vaccine ,but, for those ages , MMR vaccine is preferred over measles vaccine. The cornerstone of prevention is vaccination.*

9. Your baby just got flu shot 2 weeks ago, can your baby receive measles today?
     Yes. Because vaccines that are different from each other can be received on the same day on different sites. In fact, one child can receive, 7 shots in his first visit, if there is any doubt that he could return for succeeding visits. 1 day interval for a different kind of vaccine is okay. (Example 1: your baby got measles vaccine 10 days ago, can your baby get another measles shot? Answer1: No, because it's the same vaccine, it has to be at least 28 days apart. Example 2: your baby had flu shot 3 days ago, can you give measles vaccine now? Answer 2: Yes, because, it's a different vaccine.
10. Who should not receive MMR or measles vaccines?
a. Pregnant women
b. Person with severe immunodeficiency (example are those with tumors and blood disorder, those receiving chemotherapy, those on long term immunosuppressive therapy, those with hiv and those who are severely immunocompromised)
c. Persons with allergic reactions to the vaccine components

11. The family needs to go to Metro Manila where there is a rumored outbreak. Your six month old infant was refused by the health center to be given measles vaccine. The midwife insist that your baby needs to be 9 months to get the measles vaccine. What do you do?
     Honestly, don't take your baby to where an outbreak is; it's too risky. Or , you can always pay for the vaccines.

12. Your mom told you that your baby has complete immunization from the health center ,in fact, she was called a fully immunized child back when she was just a baby. Your neighbor said her daughter is at the hospital sick of measles. You want to have your baby re vaccinated today. Is that okay?
     Yes, there is no overdose of vaccines.

13. I have received MMR when I was 12 years old. My mom has a proof that  I did receive it. Is there a test to determine if I have antibody protective levels on my blood, so that there will be no need for a repeat shot?
     Yes there is.

1. What is measles vaccine?
     It's an injection given on the upper arm or thigh to prevent the deadly measles disease.

2. When is it given?
          It's given to babies usually at 9 months old. But during an outbreak (like the one happening in metro manila and bulacan) , measles vaccine can be given as early as 6 months but it nees booster shot.

3. What is MMR vaccine?

          It's a combination vaccine and is also known as measles, mumps, rubella(german measles) vaccine. It's an injection given on the thigh or upper arm of a child to prevent the diseases measles, mumps and rubella.

4. When is MMR given?
          The first dose is given at 12 through 15 months. The second dose is given 4 through 6 years.
This can be given as early as six months but it needs to be boosted at 12 months old.

5. What is a booster shot?
          Booster dose is an extra administration of a vaccine after an earlier dose. It is intended to increase immunity levels after it has been shown to decrease after a specified time. (You need at least 2 shots.)

6. How do you boost measles vaccine?
     a. vaccination with another measles vaccine
     b. vaccination with MMR vaccine
     c. vaccination with MR(measles rubella ) vaccine- this is not commercially available
     d. vaccination with MMRV measles, mumps, rubella and varicella vaccine

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