Saturday, December 10, 2011

Medicine for boys

 “I’m not going to drink that...” declared by a 4 year old boy to the medical assistant.

I stood up, smiled at his father and asked him “Why not?” And before he can say something else, I added “You know?! This can make you well in no time.”

We we’re waiting for the reply from this clever little boy who’s been impressing me with his witty answers.

He shrugged his shoulders and countered “Dad, I just don’t want that medicine.”

“Why?” asked his father.

He pointed at the medicine and said, “It’s for girls...” He stated it so factually, that it was adorably amusing.

 Who can contest that?!! Medicines should have female and male versions too.

And he not only has one girly medicine...he has two .

"But son, the girls are so pretty..."