Sunday, December 11, 2011

Consent or Waiver

I signed this consent or waiver to allow my eldest to join a 7-hour Christmas party. ( In contrast to a Jollibee’s party that last for just 2-3 hours.)

And with this, the teachers and the principal of my child’s school refuses to acknowledge that they are responsible for my child’s safety and, most importantly,   I think, because the Brgy Tanod were invited ,they will also join the exchange gift.

I would have been more impressed, if they wrote...PNP SWAT team is on standby outside the school premises and there is a sniper on the rooftop anticipating any suspicious terroristic movements in the vicinity of the school.  And just in case ,a disturbance breaks out, the Mendiola Anti Riot Police with their water hoses is ON-CALL on RED alert anytime. LOL.

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