Friday, March 22, 2013

When the Good news is the Bad news


       Please don't quit on me now.

      Can I ask a one month old preterm inside an incubator not to quit on me now?

      At birth, she was 28 weeks old and weighs 1200 grams when she should have been at least 37weeks and weighs 2500.

     She was born early because her mom started to bleed profusely and continuously. They were both going to die if she was not delivered right away.

     Shortly after birth, I informed her parents of the good news and the bad news. The good news was... she was pinkish and very active, and the bad news was... the baby was pinkish and very active.

     She might stay inside the incubator for a long time or she might die anytime. She might have complications , she might not. She might spend so much money whether she lives or dies.(A little less if she dies quickly.) But right now, she is pinkish and very active.

     A month later, she showed signs of quiting on me. She's had episodes of long periods of not breathing. She had episodes of lips turning blue. She had refused her feeding too.

     Please don't quit on me.

     (When you're all grown up, you can make your mom worry when you do things like crazy , or,make your daddy cry when you marry.)

     Please don't quit on me.

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