Saturday, January 14, 2012

Multiplication Table

It’s Saturday morning. I’m about to go to work.

I called the kids to give them “chores” this Saturday morning.

But because the entire house is already clean and the youngest is a joining a math contest... what a better way to spend your Saturday than help a sister polish her multiplication table...right? LOL

So I told them that...
1. The two elders will have 30mins each to practice yanna with the flash card, and then, after that
2. The three of them will have to answer one set of question at
(This is, BTW, a math practice site that is very helpful, and in our set up, is better than tutorial lessons. If you’re a parent, you should check it out.) then...
3. They can do whatever they like. (Except, of course, do something illegal like kill each other)

Anyway, the possibility of number three made the elder brother excited...and so ...while I was fixing up...they we’re getting started with the flash cards. I heard them say...4x4 is 16, 5x6 is 30 and so on...until they were stuck with seven times four.

“Seven times four is twenty eight” said the girl...”no, twenty six” said the boy...”but kuya ,seven times three is twenty one, so seven times four is twenty eight...”she argued...

I was thinking of butting in, but I think they have to figure it out who made the mistake.

“Ate Tin, what is seven times four?” they asked our house assistant who’s presently enrolled as a second year college in our locality.

The argument of the siblings would have to end here. It’s a fairly simple question.

Thirty eight” she said. “Isn’t it? Seven times four is equal to thirty eight.”

The two kids felt incredulous, while I almost broke out in

 “Ate, what is seven times four?” they said almost in unison to their eldest sister.


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