Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas and Jesus

It’s Christmas season. We had a great time at our mother’s house. We wished we could stay.
It's the day after Christmas. I was walking down the hospital corridor, one mother called me,”Doctora! Doctora!”
“Hi Mother, Why are you here?!” I asked
“Doctora, my son had seizures." She was trying to catch her breath."You were not here.  I did not want to him to be admitted, but he seized twice. There was nothing I can do, but have him admitted under another doctor.” She told me accusingly.

“Mother, so long as our baby gets better...it doesn’t matter who the doctor is... Is he better?” I replied.
Tears on her eyes were ready to spill out. She nodded and we exchanged our pleasantries. She went on her way...
“One of your Patients, doctora?” the nurse asked.
“Yes, She’s the mother of Jesus... and Jesus spent his Christmas in the hospital febrile and seizing while I was away...” I said.
"Si Doctora talaga..." the nurse said smiling,

”You know her baby’s name is Jesus ,really ,” I added.
 Then the nurse started laughing...

"It’s not funny...It’s true, He is Jesus."

And Jesus will follow up at my clinic on January 3, 2012.

*A consent was obtained from Jesus's mother prior to posting of his picture.
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