Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Outside the clinic, a man was walking in circles stopping by to stick his head inside the clinic once in a while as if looking for or waiting for something.
We asked him if we could help him on something...or anything at all.
He ignored us twice.

Then finally, he asked us...”Was there a child who went here for a check up? The child’s about this big.” He placed his hand to his hip to demonstrate the height of the child. “He’s cute,” he added.
“What’s the child’s name?” the clinic assistant asked.
He shrugged his shoulders and continued to say”Mmm, I don’t know...the kid has curly hair and very cute! ...”
“A boy or a girl? What happened? Cough? Colds? Fever? Head bump? Fall? ” The clinic assistant was enumerating almost all the chief complaints she heard during that day?
“He has curly hair and very cute!!” He sounded  very specific and definite,but looks lost and worried

(Hey, Mister, one child sang an entire song to doctora , one kid danced,  another wiggled her butt and another told  a story  that they’ve been to the mall  a few days ago and that she ate chicken joy...curly and cute is a not a description of just one kid...)
The clinic assistant took him sight seeing in the hospital from the laboratory to radiology then to the Emergency department ,perhaps, he if he sees half a dozen kids with  " little miss and mister baler" potential walking down the corridor, he might add another description .
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