Thursday, October 6, 2011

Suffering Suffocating Nights

The clouds burst, torrents fell. Water and wind came alternately. Later, complete darkness. I was waiting for footsteps scrambling to get to the electrical generator, but I remembered i was at home. There’s no electricity, and no generator. Period. It was one hell of a  suffocating night.

In the morning, there was no patient to see at the clinic. I wasn’t expecting anybody either. If  somebody came , they would definitely be ICU material.
No electricity.
Hot and cold, hot and cold. Asthmatics attack. They can’t nebulize at home.
Still no electricity.
By the 5th day of power failure, we had it... we’re going to ask for a price quote for an electric generator.(Uugh,  we don’t have internet.) I called up my mother from the city and gave her the specs of the generator we needed. She called us back. She informed us that the only available unit cost 265thousand pesos!!?!(what??we're not powering up a the entire neighborhood...) Because people from Isabela bought all the generators they can put their hands on.(mucho dinero!)
No electricity.We suffered the nights. If there was a rain dance to ask for rain, i would like to do the electricity dance...really i would (but then again, no youtube to learn the steps...sigh)
Then there was light.
There was TV and internet.
Then I discovered... that suffering our suffocating nights were not nearly as suffocating as their sufferings.