Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ear Piercing

When is the best time to get earrings?
          18 years old and above.

Can your newborn baby get her ear pierced?
          Yes, but I don't advise it too strongly. The newborn's ear is relatively very small at this time;  and  growth of the ear  in terms of size and shape varies in each individual. So, sometimes, you think the earrings are on the right spot at piercing time at birth...but wait until they're a few months old... and sometimes ,re piercing is neccesary if you think earring symmetry is essential. (You will more likely think of re piercing them if you feel dangling earrings and hoop earrings are your basic interest.)

So What age do you advise to have them (preferrably before baptismal, please)?

          4-6 months.

Are there conditions that will prevent me from having my baby's ear pierced?
          1. ear/ earlobe infection         
          2. bleeding tendencies (your baby has a medical condition causing her wounds to heal up very slowly)
          3. baby is sick or is acutely ill (by order of priorities...let's treat your baby before ear piercing )
          4. If the baby is brought by non-related person

Ear Piercing Reminders:
          1. Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the newly pierced ears
          2. Keep the ears and earrings clean.
          3. Use cotton buds with an antiseptic or 70% isopropyl alcohol 2-3x a day.
          4. Keep it free from gel/soap/shampoo residues.
          5. Push earrings forwards and backwards, then, rotate the earrings clockwise then counterclockwise 2-3x a day.
          6. Don't remove the earrings for 6 weeks or until it is completely healed.
          7. After six weeks ,you may replace the earrings with hypoallergenic post earrings.(not hoop earrings)
          8. If the ears become swollen, reddish or painful, it's time to see a doctor.

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