Friday, December 14, 2012

Mortality means Death


My husband attended the  annual convention of the Philippine College of Surgeons 2012 at the Shangrila hotel.

(The kids and I tagged along  because their breakfast buffet was scrumptious,and they have a big pool;-)

On the second day of the convention ,one doctor went into cardiac arrest while attending the convention. There were colleagues scrambling to resuscitate him. There were others scrambling for equipment. And there were others who stood helplessly as they watch the inevitable.

Mortality in the midst of doctors on top of their fields.


A few days later, a nine month old infant died at the emergency room just before the stroke of midnight. The parent brought the patient to numerous hilot , quack doctors  and tawas performers before their ultimate trip to the emergency room.

Up until that time , I think the parents were doing a good job taking care of their only child: she had normal weight and height for her age. But then again , it was just an after thought , the infant was dead.


Their tragedy started when the infant started to show signs of illness, rather than go to a doctor, they've been to the herbolario or the "hilot" who diagnosed the child to have "pilay". The hilot strongly recommended never to let the baby be injected with anything because surely the infant would die. The hilot also recommended "prayers" and "tawas", so tawas was placed on the forehead and an elaborate ritual performed. As the infant deteriorates, the parents could not bring their baby to a healthcare facility for fear of what the hilot said might come true.

Too late.

Mortality at 9 months old.

( it's about this time when infant this age creeps and crawls, looks for object under the pillow, plays peek a boo or bulagaan, says mama and papa.)

From the moment everyone is born, death becomes a steady companion. Because death is a sneaky companion, parents need to safeguard their kids. Negligence is a very unthinkable defense.

For most of us,we do not know when the time will come or how we will go, but for those inflicted with cancer, they know exactly how much time is left.

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