Sunday, December 23, 2012

Paperworks, Worrying and Holidays

I'm trying to hustle paperworks that are about to expire. The papers are left untouched for more than two weeks already. Our philhealth personnel keeps on reminding me. (I'll finish them as soon as I get

In between paperworks are parents trying not to get their baby admitted (though they're admissible.)...
Fine...fine...fine...early follow- up...let's see what we can do...
(in the mean time , they can join the pile of follow up patients who refuse to be admitted.)

My baby girl has been having fever for two days now. She is due for dengue test after 48 hrs of fever. Then, later on, i had her admitted because she was tested positive. (we now join the list of names posted on the nurse station!!)

The hospital christmas party is coming up. The shopping list needs to be filled up. (under different situation, i would love to do this...but now, it's just a chore...)

I've been busy going to and fro the clinic and my baby girl's room ,and, other patient's room.

I've been worried of my baby girl's sickness, but was more worried of somebody else's baby at the same time.(They were more sick than my baby was). I was a little worried of other babies who refused to be admitted. (Let their parents worry about them a lot!)

Afterwards, my baby boy became febrile too. So as soon as possible, I discharged my baby girl along with other babies and admitted my baby boy. ( Poor baby boy, he knew he was gonna get "confined"  the moment he became febrile...)

And, in between worrying, I've been doing my paperworks, I swear.

I need to organize a christmas party for the workers at home. And tomorrow, I need to fix up my husband and my youngest girl for a wedding.

I hope my baby boy gets better. I hope I'll finish my paperworks on time.I hope all my patients gets well. And ...I hope I'll get a worry-free sleep soon.


Happy Holidays Everyone!

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