Thursday, January 3, 2013

What NOT TO DO when your Doctor Gives you her Personal Number


Let's face it...doctors don't usually give out their personal cellphone numbers to patients.This is kinda mean and awful...

So when your doctor gives her cellphone number :

1. ...DO NOT send her chain text messages


2. ...DO NOT send her jokes

3....DO NOT greet her merry christmas, happy valentines day or any holiday greeting more than one time.

4....DO NOT  text her more than two text messages in one event...(don't worry ..."thank you" not included in the maximum number of messages )

5. ...DO NOT send her prayers.

6....DO NOT  text her...a question without identifying who your patient is

7. ...DO NOT identify your self as " doctora, i'm the mother of the child you have seen last thursday..." (because, I have seen a lot of mothers of children for the past few years...everyday of the

8....DO NOT text her after office hours...7pm is my limit...especially between 12 midnight and 6 am... (I get text and calls during this time when my patient is at ICU or if your child is lying on a hospital bed and is having problems that only I can deal with ...)

9....DO NOT text her something she obviously has no knowledge of (like what medicine is best for your dog who refuses to feed...)

9. ...DO NOT think that her cellphone number is 911

10... DO keep the local fire station and police station cell phone number stored on your phone (I just hope these officers are helpful when we need's hard to tell these days...)

11....DO inform her of community activities

12....DO remind her of school activities

13...DO ask her exact question if you have concerns alarming you of your baby's condition. (if it's too long to's too long to answer... drop by the clinic...I'll answer ALL your baby's concerns.)

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