Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fruit Salad

Its New Years Eve!

5:10 pm
          We just arrived from Cabanatuan. And we went straight to the hospital because there were  patients ( and parents ) waiting to be seen.We brought the nurses roasted chicken which we bought at Chooks to Go on our way back to Baler. They loved the chicken.

6:30 pm

          I just finished looking at all the patients, all of them wanted to go home just in time for media noche celebrations. Sadly, two can go home today.

          Then... I just remembered, we have got just roasted chicken for media noche . I guess, a dozen of donuts doesn't count as routine food for celebrations. There were no fruits either.

          Usually, excessive and extravagant foods are prepared to welcome the new year . They say that the abundance of food would reflect the manner by which food, income or "graces/ gracia" would come the following year.

          So with my culture and traditions ...we're doomed...My family would suffer the following year with scanty food served at our table...for the entire year.(lol.)
         But wait, I think I can still neutralize the situation... We can make fruit salad to offset the lack of pansit, spaghetti or ham... Fruit salad is a good idea..

          On our way home from the hospital, we were able to buy fruits from a store who's about to call it a year. We arrived just in the nick of time .( Should we have missed it...we're definitely going to be doomed next

          I realized that we don't have cream, we don't have pineapple, we don't have pineapple syrup so our apples won't get dark. We do have apples, oranges, melons, kiwi and grapes. I decided to stash the fruit in a container. (It's too, too late to buy anything now!)

          We shared our fruits with the hospital staffs. I initially told them that we brought fruit salad...and because they haven't seen the fruit container yet...they said "yahoo!!!...." with an authentic excitement over the thought of fruit salad...

           So...when then they saw the not so saladdy fruit salad...they gave me a great laugh...( the laugh lasted for days though...when you say fruit salad to them now , they can still picture the container with the undone!)

And here is a fruit salad inspired song from one of my patients.

Btw, Happy New Year...

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