Sunday, January 13, 2013

Absurd Reasons to Refuse Hospital Admission


Being admissible in a hospital means that your child has fulfilled the criteria to be confined to the hospital for management. Being admissible means that treatment as out patient with oral medications has a good likelihood of failure. Being admissible also means that your baby has higher risk to worsen or  die it left unadmitted in the hospital...

(and when the baby is takes too much time explaining to parents why their baby is admissible...sometimes too troublesome too. It's much easier to send patient away as out patient.)

Here is a short list of absurd reasons to refuse hospital admission.

1. Tomorrow is the patient's birthday. There is need to teach their kids early on how to party hard... Partying afterall is a basic survival skill...( rock on dude and dudette..)

2. The patient's dad or mom will arrive from abroad, and the entire family needs to pick them up from the airport. So, even if their baby has dehaydration, they need to be all present...They might miss out early gift giving...

3.The following day is the patient's baptismal day. So just in case, the baby dies early and join the creator, they are already baptized...

4. The town fiesta is coming up...though her son's bone is sticking out of his skin they can't afford confinement...perhaps after the fiesta...they'll think about it.

4. They haven't gone to the hilot, herbolario, or the quack doctor yet. They need to check in with him and then get his approval before hospital admission. (Hey, isn't witchcraft illegal in the Philippines...)

5. The family reunion is up coming and the baby mustn't miss it for the world. It's his only opportunity to meet other members of the family and  don't forget,partying is  an important lesson in life...

6. The patient is an honor student, being admitted means missing a lot of school work and a subsequent decrease in ranking...(maybe...these medals and ribbons are redeemable in cash...)

And the one that does not belong...
7. I'm not in town , and so, I cannot be your attending doctor (Ohh no...our goal is to make your baby well...whatever it, if i'm not around to take care of him ,bring him to another doctor...please.)

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