Sunday, August 25, 2013

But We Love Our Pitbulls

Heavy rain started to pour at dinner time. I think this down pour will stretch until morning.

This was the perfect time to sleep soundly tonight. Then perhaps early in the morning, we can take the kids, our friend and our dogs to a breakfast buffet treat at the beach.

We're all so excited.

At midnight, I was awakened by a call from the hospital. There was a high risk pregnant woman wheeled directly to the delivery room. The team needs to be there ASAP.

I almost tumbled out of bed. (This is the time when I always wondered why the hell did I choose to become a doctor.)

I had our three dogs leashed. They were all pitbulls. Jack was a 5 year female, Teddy was a 2 year old male and Tiger was a one year old female dog. They were all cuddly and sweet. They're always wiggling their tail about.

I'm off to the hospital.

The delivery room was alive with  bustling nurses. Soon after, the air was filled with the scream of the newly delivered baby.  The teary eyed mother asked me how her baby was. I told her..."Your baby looks good. Take a rest. I will take care of her." (This is about the time when it becomes clear why I chose to become a doctor.)

Then back to bed. (After I finish the minimum requirement of damn paper works and  a five minute drive home) I can't wait.

It's one o'clock in the morning. It's cold and raining outside the car.

I checked if the dogs were at the lawn. Perhaps they're locked inside the kitchen. That's what we usually do.

I got off and opened the gates and ,as I was about to ride the car, Teddy and Tiger zoomed past me and ran straight to the neighbors house. They were looking for a specific dog. Jack followed shortly.

I think they were waiting for this chance to get retribution. Oh, noooo!

I was out of my wits. I ran inside the house to call for help.

Teddy's  teeth was clamped on the neck of the neighbors dog, while jack was holding unto the body. Tiger was feasting too.

We tried calling them by their names and yanking them by their collar. They did not even flinch.

Other neighbors started to get out of their houses to check on us. But they couldn't help us even if they wanted to. We had three big scary dogs.

I held jack by the collar with all my might. Vlad held teddy with all his might. Teddy refused to let go of the small dog. He was dragging the small dog by the neck.

One neighbor said to pour a bucket of water to teddy so he'd let go of the other. But, it was raining and everybody was already drenched in rain. Vlad yelled to get a stick or a fire ball.

I leashed jack then grabbed a large piece of paper and started to set it on fire. But after a few moments, teddy let go of the dog.


What the heck, our apologies will have to be done in the mornin.  If i did it right now, and if our neighbors react badly, I might just have this lingering adrenaline rush that might cause me to snap on them...Ggrrooowl...

 I couldn't sleep. ( i think I thought of the neighbor's dog who loves taunting our dogs and is now dying, i think.)

In the morning, I asked  for apologies, presented a cake as a token of peace and promised to never let go of our cute cuddly dogs ever again.

Their dog is still alive. Hooray!

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