Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Payment in kind: My Professional fee

One hot clinic day, I complemented a mother that she has one smart kid.

Her eyes glowed and her anxiety diminished , she then spoke of her daughter's achievements. She  told me that her daughter's  drawing won an award and that  ,that same drawing was chosen to be sent to an international event.

"Wow, really? !!!! That is so fantastic! " I  exclaimed excitedly. After a few moments,  "Will you get the drawing back?" I added after a moment.

"I don't know. I don't think they will ever return it. " she honestly replied . "Why do you ask Doctora?" She wondered.

" That  drawing would look great in my clinic.  Don't you think. " I explained excitedly .  I think I was being bubbly. (She could be the next Amorsolo or she might not, but other kids would definitely relate to this kind of stuff... this sounds like a winner. )

Her daughter was an asthmatic who used to come at the clinic frequently . And she went to the clinic so often that I could not bring myself to charge them consultation fee anymore.

Consultation fee is Php200 or 5USD or 3 Euros. (Why I charge this low is a totally different blog post, it might just be my first novel...hahaha.;-)

Anyway, her last asthma attack was  over a year ago. She is taller than I remembered ,but same wheezes all over. I gave her mom the prescription and instructed nebulizations and chest clapping. And, off she went.

A few days later, when she  followed up,  she brought along  this drawing .

And just like the drawing, she has curly hair.

A few days later, another daddy who works as a photographer came by . He was in a hurry. He gave my secretary a big envelope containing an enlarged photograph of my two children during their celebration of Linggo ng Wika at their school.

He was looking for me but  I was in the operating room checking out a patient during surgery.  And because he was in a hurry, he just  left the photograph and a message.

"Tell doctora, thank you, my boy is better."


Which part of these drawing and photograph actually belong to the Bureau Of Internal Revenue??
And which part of "Tell doctora, thank you, my boy is better now." actually belong to them also?

"Tell BIR, thank you, my boy is better. "

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