Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to Follow My Address is Earth Blog

There are several ways of following this blog.

If you have a google account...you can skip this  whole thing and go to letter B immediately. If not

Letter A
Go to google

Type in my address is earth.

Click it

You'll find your way here , click bumuo ng blog or  create blog

Number 1

Click Sign up.

Fill up the information they are asking.


Click next step

If you failed to write your phone number, they'll still ask you to type it again

Google will send you a verification number on your cell phone . Click Continue.

Click back to blogger.

Click create blog profile.

Type the name you want to appear when you visit blogs...you can put...sexy mermaid or whatever you like.

Click continue to blogger.

Click add.

Copy my blog's URL from the site or type in the address from my clinic calling card.

Or just type this in    http://myaddressisearth.blogspot.com/
then your done 

Letter B

Click join this site.

Click google.

Number 2

Sign in your google account.

But if your already logged on to your google account, reconfirm your password.

There you go, your name will appear to my friends list.

 If your not on this list, i guess your not my clinic's friend afterall.
( Isumbong mo na lang ako sa supervisor mo, dahil hindi ako bibili ng kahit ano...hahaha...)

Letter C
There is another way to follow this blog.


Type blogger.

Sign up or Sign in.
If you clicked sign up proceed to Number 1.
If you clicked sign in proceed to Number 2.

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