Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jesus is Leaving Us

Jesus worked with us. He used to be a ward nurse before he became a COMPLEX nurse.  By complex, I did not mean he became a person with attitude problem or a person with a complicated life...in our hospital...it meant working in the operating room- delivery room- neonatal intensive care unit complex... "Complex" for short. Being a complex nurse sounds pretty biggie ,if you're a trainee...he's like the master of his dojo or an archbishop in his diocese.

Anyway, Jesus was not just our nurse, he's our friend too. Charisma and charm oozes out when he speak, so I wouldn't really be surprised if a see a flock of apostles around him (He's into politics too.)

Everybody, enjoys sharing their wine with him. Although Jesus is his real name...He goes by the name Gin Capitan or Jet or Jess. I like Gin Capitan better though. Jesus sounds too ecclesiastical.(lol...got that from therausus...)

Through thick and thin ,highs and lows, through paid leaves and suspensions, holidays and weekdays...

The entire hospital staff has a personal relationship with Jesus.


At the stroke of three...time is up..End of Contract...Jesus is leaving.
(I hope he gets rich and famous!!jet-setter too!!!)

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