Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby's First Food

1. Complementary feeding starts at six months old. 

Six months old is the time in the baby's life that breastfeeding can no longer provide 100 percent nutritional requirement of your baby.

2. Go for clean and natural foods. It's the best. It's the safest.

3. Start with strained fruit juices then mashed potatoes with milk, carrots with soup, banana with cereal, vegestable with rice gruel. Then, go ahead with combinations.

The complementary foods should be given in amounts, frequency, consistency and using a variety of foods to cover the nutritional needs of the growing child.

4. Introduce milk in training cups. But there is NO reason to stop breastfeeding.

5. During the first few feedings , the consistency of the baby food should be soupy like fluid. Gradually, you can thicken the baby food as he ages. (then eventually, solid foods when he's all grown up and able to)

6. At one year old, he is ready for healthy adult foods.

7. Never give peanuts, cornik, chichacorn,nuts or any food small enough to cause choking specially to less than 3 years olds.

8. REMEMBER: Optimum growth and development of a child can be achieved with proper nourishment and a supportive environment. (There is no easier way!)

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