Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miss Valentines

Hey...Jona...It’s been a long time since you’ve been sick...

(It takes a dozen trips to my clinic before I know you by first name ,and, it takes a few more admission before I know your last name...but if we met in ICU probably I’d know your segmental life story...another way of getting your name memorized in my clinic is...if you have interesting if your name is CURLY or JYNX or CRIETLER.)

Anyway, Jona handed me an envelope('s a fund raising, money gathering contest disguised as a beauty pageant.)

Why do parents let their kids join this "pageant"? Probably because they want to finance the fencing of the school...or they want to pay the price of being the Miss Valentines?!!

But WAIT!!!

She won Miss Kiddie Valentine 2012....Hooorrraaaay!!!!
(Mommy came back to give me a copy of the winning moment.)

Miss Kiddie Valentine 2012

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