Monday, May 5, 2014

Anak, Don't Forget

I've been having this crazy apprehensions for weeks now.

 I'm sending my kids to Manila this summer.

I have this list of things I need to say just before I leave them there.

This is important.

Anak, when your not at home and your living with relatives temporarily...

1. Sleep early, wake up early.
2. Fix your bed.
3. Eat a lot of breakfast (if they are serving breakfast ,or, buy your breakfast ,or prepare your own breakfast.) Eat less lunch and dinner.
4. Set the table and put away the dishes.
5.  Bathe quickly but thoroughly.
6. Don't use the computer for makes you forget what your priorities are.
7. Make your homeworks.
8. Come on time.
9. Don't quarrel.  Don't fight among yourselves.
10. When arguing with each other or explaning positions or stating suggestions, talk softly and listen to each other well.
11. If a problem arises, stop discussing whose fault it is. Discuss solutions instead.
12. If you cannot figure out a solution, despite putting your three heads together,  call us up. We just might have a different angle of the situation.
13. Getting lost is normal, but please find your way home.
14. We paid for your cellphone and your load, answer the phone when we're calling up.
15. Take care of each other.
16. Don't spend your allowances on things you don't need... like eating at mc donald's or jollibee, or buying pocketbooks ,or buying yugioh cards or buying junk food like nagaraya or clover.
17. Don't be very trustful. The Metro area has more thieves, swindlers, scammers and ,generally,  bad persons than any other place without war or calamity. But... also remember that NOT everyone is a crook. Assess properly and act accordingly. There is nothing wrong with being extra careful.
18. Don't ever think that the bus, the jeepney, or the mrt is going to wait for you... always squeeze yourself in. You need to arrive where your going on time. (But read the label properly before riding. You might end up on the other side of the world).
19. If you get into trouble, and it's impossible for us to come right away, and calling up your grandparents can potentially give them stroke or heart may call up the following persons:
     a. Tito Dante 0918xxx xx xx
     b. Tita Olyn 0918 xxx xx xx
     c. Tito Joel 0917 xxx xx xx
     d. Uncle Apay 0917 xxx xx xx
     e. Uncle Von 0916 xxx xx xx
These people might not be able to bail you out, but they will give you food  and off lotion inside jail.
20. Your daddy and I are sending the three of you away to become  better persons...
21. Don't forget... that the sun shines warmest in our home ,and we're waiting for your return.

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