Monday, May 23, 2011


The cars were moving so fast. Kuya Bong was so intent on over taking the car ahead of us.
This is the zillionth time we passed by Kennon Road. There is No car faster than this, No driver more experienced than him. Every bump, very curve, every ups and downs have been etched in his memory. And the long awaited moment to get ahead is 20 meters away. If he missed this, the next chance will come 5 kms away. (No, he won’t miss it.)

The chase was at high velocity. The movements were like in a slow motion movie. We were inching our way little by little. A smirk was forming on kuya Bong’s lips. We were leading.
STOP the CAR! Stop the car or else...
There was nothing Kuya Bong can do but to halt the car. I extended my head out of the window and started throwing up. I ate rice and longganisa before leaving the house....Now it’s all over the ground...with additional gastric juice pa...
“Pambihira ka naman!” was all he can say.
That was so many years ago.
“Mga bata, magdala kayo ng supot nyo.PATAY kayo sa Ama nyo pag sumuka kayo sa kotse”
Guess genetics plays an important role.