Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To Lose a Cellphone

My eldest lost her cellphone just before the school year was over. So while most of her classmates were enjoying the free wifi at school, she was stuck figuring out her brother's rubik's cube. (No, I won't buy her a new one right away. Perhaps when she goes to college! )

Alhough her dad and I calmly accepted the fact that she lost her phone, I bet she silently cried herself to sleep during the first few nights without a cellphone,  and  had nightmares too.

My parents perceived her misery and offered her their spare cellphone. (Very sympathetic...hmmm...didn't get much of those when i was young...)

Her eyes suddenly shined (just like when you get a bright idea, the bulb beside your head  suddenly lights up!lol...BUT eventually, the 1000watts light bulb flickered then died out, after she learned of the phone's feature:)

     1. it has NO MP3 player                       
     2. it has NO bluetooth
     3. it has NO wifi
     4. the camera is less than 1.5 megapixel
     5. it has NO memory card (but anak wait, I think there is a memory card...but she explained that the memory card can contain 512mb only.It can store her name and the family's numbers...how about her apps and playlist?!)
     6. it has NO facebook ,NO tweeter and NO youtube
     7. she CANNOT google...
(back to our time the jurassic era, phone was just for calling somebody up...Now...it's a way of life...lol)

So when we went to Cainta , her other set of grandparents also felt her suffering and offered their spare phone ,but, she refused to accept that phone too.  Because it was worse...it's an analog phone. (Anak, I think, if you get low bat on that phone... you can jump start it using our car's battery...or...vice versa...if our car gets low bat, we can use your phone...isn't that delightful?)

After executing multiple numbers of pitiful puppy dog eyes and persuasive pleading , her dad's papa bought her a Samsung Galaxy.

Swweeet. She was ecstatic. Everybody was happy for her.

Later that week, my own papa lost his cell phone.

And few hours after it was lost, my mama called me up explaining that indeed he lost his phone and asked if I could pay half of price of the new cellphone. I said okay.( I wouldn't want my papa crying himself to sleep over a cellphone...)

I called her back after a few minutes, I told her to ask my 3 other siblings if we could split the cellphone price 4 ways. She happily agreed..(Hooray, I get to pay just quarter of the price...)

Later that same day...he was very happy with his new cellphone.

After a day, I called my mama up and asked her to buy me a couple of books; I could say from the tone of her voice,she was mildly agitated. At the background, I heard my impatient father asking for his car keys . It seems that he lost his car keys. He sounded edgy already ,so, we immediately hung up.

I texted my mama:
                Tell papa not to loose his car's keys; we're not gonna buy him a new car.

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