Saturday, April 21, 2012

Padyak para sa Kalikasan (Bike Tour for Nature)


My eleven year old son joined a Padyak para sa Kalikasan. It's a bike run starting at Dipaculao then passing through Baler, then, Maria and then finishes at San Luis.

The registration fee for adults is 30 pesos, while 10 pesos for kids. With it, they get to receive a Tshirt with "Padyak para sa Kalikasan" logo .( I guess the logging and mining company did not sponsor those ) This is an event done annually  to increase awareness and enlist new friends who would be there to help protect the environment.

My son came back after the bike run. I asked him, "How was it?"

And with an impish look on his face, he said "There's a lot of beautiful..." And before he even finished his sentence ...I thought about girly teenagers with pretty faces , slim legs and big made me feel ...scaredly excited...anyway...I butted in and said "Did you like anybody?" I'm trying very hard to be monosyllabic btw.

"Yes, yes I did. There was a lot of beautiful bike mommy. You should have seen it. Though there were a also lot of other bikes too." He was too high spirited not to make you smile.

"No, I mean girls..." I said.

"Oh,...none...ummm... I don't know."


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