Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ayala Museum


We didn't know what to expect when we went to Ayala Museum. I tried googling it up just before leaving. There wasn't too many information i can gather during that moment. (I should have done it last night or the night before that or perhaps last week?...too late now...)

One thing I have learned from one blogger though , when it comes to admission fees, we are classified as residents (though we're not from Makati City) ...hooraay!

The admitting person was pretty nice. We were advised to start at the 4th floor then work our way down . It was really impressive.

When we reached the diorama floor...we got to use an audio guide individually free (there are limited number of audio guide, but we were early, so we got to use them.) A long time ago, when my friend went there for a school field trip, his teacher read them the information about each diorama...when you think about it today...that would seem so tiring...lol.(especially if you've been there most recently, it's unthinkable ...there's just too much things to say...poor teacher)

In the end, We definitely need to come back...we did not finish looking and learning about them. But the kids had information overload already...too many things to assimilate...lol...

(This is better than Manila Ocean Park...ocean park is over rated...where admission fee is 450++...so you can watch your food, ULAM or viand swim by; the price is not for actual educational value...it's for bragging rights...lol...We know, we've been there...)

The best part of the day...after the intense information overload at the museum, we gave them a brain freeze with  a gelato treat at greenbelt...then off to the swimming pool to chill out...we just love summer.

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