Saturday, March 31, 2012

Baler Summer 2012

Two young English doctors are coming to visit.

We're taking them to Baler places...we're showing them Baler summer and Baler stuffs. We're taking them to a hiking adventure. We will climb rocks, cross rivers and scale mountains. And just when they're about to be too tired, too sweaty or too ickey to continue...we'll show them  a magnificent waterfalls cascading down a mountain, and as its water falls from above then hit the surface, a thick mist covers the surrounding, like dewdrops in the early morn. We will swim the brilliantly clear waters. We're taking them snorkelling, there's a site only a handful knows, it's perfect site for diving too.

Bet when they arrive, they'd go sun bathing right away. I think they would love the sun and the boys too.

O, ohh.

When Lydia and Hannah came, the weather was sooo cold (I think a huge chunk of ice cube melted at the North Pole), the sun refuses to shine and we had a few episodes of black outs 

It's raining cats and dogs...frogs too.

Lydia and Hannah ended up having an English summer here at and because we fed them a lots and lots of rice... I think this is their "Riciest Summer Ever"...


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