Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Circumcision: When is the Right Time


There's a six year old boy who came for circumcision, not a cry, not a wince; He was done in no time. While there is a sixth grader who was already prepped for the procedure suddenly got up and ran away. (And no way, Dr Enriquez is not going to run after you.)

What kind of suture is used?
The absorbable kind. It is usually absorbed within 7-14 days.

Are anaesthetics used for circumcision?
Depending on your culture, you may or may not use anaesthesia. But majority uses anaesthetics.
1. The doctor can use local anaesthetic. The anaesthetic is injected to block the pain on the site of incision. The boy is fully awake. Majority of our boys undergo this anaesthesia.
2. The doctor can also use general anaesthesia. General anaesthesia makes the boy go to sleep during the procedure. This is usually used to very young boys with medical condition necessitating early circumcision. And of course, by boys who are too scared of the procedure and by parents who are too anxious of the pain anticipated by their boy choose to undergo general anaesthesia also.(Both reasons are acceptable.)


Are there medical conditions necessitating early circumcision?
Yes, phimosis, balanitis, paraphimosis

What are the complications of circumcision?

Bleeding, infection, meatal stenosis, fistula and if these conditions are seen , please see a doctor.

Can the boy bathe after circumcision?
Yes. In fact, he can bathe daily. Don't forget to clean the wound with betadine or 70 % isopropyl alcohol once a day.

Remember to bring him to a competent health care provider. Procedure complication occurs less likely if performed by a properly trained personnel. Safety is a priority in all surgical procedure. (BTW, circumcision is a minor surgical procedure.)

Socio-cultural acceptance plays an important role on deciding the right time for circumcision. The boy can be six or thirty-six, so long as the boy is emotionally ready to be circumcised, that is the right time.

In the Philippines, summertime is circumcision time.

Can the boy wear his mom's skirt after surgery?
I guess...but that ultimately depends on his dad if he will allow it. And if dad is not around, I highly advise not to use skirt, or at least not until he is old enough to know his gender preference ;)


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