Sunday, August 5, 2012

Secret Food of Healthy, Smart and Tall Kids

Important Conversation with  parents:

MOMMY and DADDY: Doctor, please prescribe my son vitamins and a drug that would increase his appetite so he would gain weight.

ME: Sorry, No amount of vitamins will increase his weight...

MOMMY and DADDY: ????? No comment...( I think this is the time when they think they entered the wrong room or when they think they are talking to a not so smart doctor...they stick around anyway...and with that...what a relief...then...I can continue...)

ME: You know...vitamins have no caloric value...FOOD does. And if you give your son enough food,  he will surely gain weight.

MOMMY and DADDY: My baby eats a lot and drinks a lot of milk too, but still, he does not gain weight.

ME: Mmmmmm, (the baby is 12 months old, he's 8.5 kilos,  ) mmmm, just how many spoonful of rice do you feed your son each feeding? How much milk? How much meat a day? (the almost right answer is about  1500calories of food! that's about 70 oz of  infant formula milk a day )

MOMMY and DADDY: One or two spoonful rice and soup one to to times a day , 3 milk in the morning and two milk at night (that's about 900calories a day.)

ME: Mommy and Daddy, you're not feeding your son enough food. He won't grow up like you imagine him to....Give him one cup of rice, meat , vegetables and soup 3x a day... and two to three snacks too. No cookies or too sweet stuff. And don't forget three glasses of milk a day.

MOMMY and DADDY: !!!!!Won't he get indigestion?!!!

ME: It's what healthy kids eat. You can start small and work yourself up...And btw, even if we give liters of vitamins, he won't gain weight without food...(I hope that they would understand the important role of food to this baby's growth both physicaily and mentally...And however sad,... vigorous TV advertisement most of the time defeat what is truly important..)

ME: (Now, perhaps I can prescribe minimal multivitamins...)You know, multivitamins are just food supplement not food substitute (I keep on convincing them...)

ME: Please feed our baby right... Check out this MyPlate picture...Follow up after a month, so we can reevaluate if there are more problems...


What is the secret food of healthy, smart and tall kids?
The Secret Ingredient is ...There is No Secret Ingredient!  (I think I heard this somewhere!!!)

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