Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hepatitis A Vaccine


What is Hepatitis A?
     A disease also  known as infectious hepatitis. This is an acute liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus.

How is hepatitis A spread?
     This disease can spread by fecal-oral route. Fecal-oral route means that a person can get hepatitis A disease when he ingests food or drinks that is contaminated with feces containing hepatitis A virus.
(Fishballs, kikiam, barbecue, ice cream, isaw, betamax, Adidas, day old chick,and other unregulated and unsanitary prepared food can potentially be a source of infection)

How can hepatitis A be prevented?
     Hepatitis A vaccine

Where and how is it given?  
   Intramuscular on the thigh of infants or on the deltoid area of bigger kids and adults

What is the schedule?
    1.  Primary: 12 months old, then,
     2. Booster: after at least 6 months- 1 year

If my child had hepatitis A before, must he receive shots again? (I'm nervous about him getting another infection!)
     No, infection confers lifelong immunity and the disease is of no special significance to those infected early in life.

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