Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Best Milk in the Philippines

4 months old 8.8kilos purely breastfed infant

When is the right time to breastfeed my baby?
     Right after birth. Baby friendly hospital practices early latching. That means if your baby has no problems...a few minutes after delivery.

What if there is no milk yet coming out of my breast, should I still breastfeed him?
    Yes, you should. Your baby sucking your breast would stimulate production of milk.

My mom said I should drink a lot of soup so the amount of breast milk would increase? 

     Not true. But your baby sucking your breast would increase milk production.

So does that mean, having my back massaged or having a hilot do a lot of ceremony on my body wouldn't increase breast milk production also?
     Yes, it wouldn't.

I will work after my maternity leave, what is the best milk in the Philippines?
     The best milk in the Philippines and the world is breast milk. In fact, breast milk is considered the gold standard of milk.

And so, what does being a gold standard of milk means?
     It means that the milk companies will forever be imitating the composition of breast milk .(The milk companies are selling cow's milk or soy milk you know.) So despite of their massive advertisements on TV , Internet and facebook...milk produced by these multinational corporations will always be second best to breast milk.

Then , what infant formula should I give my baby?
     Actually,almost all infant formula have the same caloric content... Whatever, suits your baby and your financial standing. (so, if your baby has conditions unallowing your baby to drink the regular infant formula, I'm pretty sure and your pediatrician will figure out the better milk for your baby.)

Can I mix feed my baby? I'm a working mom but I still want to breastfeed him when I get home.
     Mothers love their babies from the beginning of evolution. This era is no different. But these days, mommies work full time jobs,(so, and it takes special breed of mommies and daddies to breast feed purely...really)
     Mix feeding most of the time causes nipple confusion.
     Alternative ways of mix feeding your baby without causing nipple confusion:
          a. cup feeding
          b. dropper feeding
          c. breast milk feeding using a feedingbottle
          d. parents' brighter alternative ways
  I must warn you though, if your baby starts to lose weight or is not gaining weight as he should, STOP mix feeding him. Choose the appropriate feeding for your  baby.
 By the way, you said breast milk is good , why is my 18month old nephew who is purely breastfed weighs so low? The midwife at our health center said he is malnourished because he is 18 months and weighs only 8.5 kilos.
     Pure breastfeeding is for ages birth up to 6months only. Breastfeeding and supplementary feeding starts at 6 months onwards. Breastfeeding and healthy adult food feeding at 1 year onwards.
     I guess, that 18 month old child is purely breast fed when he should receive  3 nutritious meals and 3 glasses of milk and breastfeeding.

Up to what age do I breastfeed my baby?
     Up to what age you want him to ,but, remember to feed him with nutritious food after six months so he will be healthy.

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