Monday, October 21, 2013

My Kids are Overexposed to my Workplace

The hospital is my workplace.

My  kids were just ages 3,6, and 8 years old  then, when I realized my kids are overexposed to my workplace.

1. They started to play, instead of a playhouse or a grocery store, they were playing "drug-house" and "the billing section"
          "How much is one paracetamol?" I overheard their conversation. "Here, pay this charge slip over at the billing section and come back here with the receipt."  the youngest added. They were playing pieces of papers in one corner in our house.
          (Suddenly , memories of my childhood came flashing back. Odd. I don't recall ever play acting the pharmacy or billing section.)

2. They were excited that their mom or dad is on 24 hour duty at the hospital.
          They will be going on duty with us. My husband and I dread going on duty, while the three kids are so excited.

3. When we go the beach, there are kids waving at my kids.
          My kids wave back. And when I ask them who those kids are ,or sometimes, i ask if they are classmates... they'd all answer "Eh, they are patients mommy. They were at the clinic a few days ago." (hahaha )

4. Whenever I ask them if they know where an employee is , they have a ready answer.
          I asked the eldest if she saw Kuya Rian today so she can have the guitars fixed.
          (Btw, Kuya Rian is the head nurse of the emergency room but he can also play the guitars wickedly on his days off.)
          She answered that he was on his day off and that he can only be seen the day after tomorrow after three pm because he's on 3-11 shift.
          ( I was momentarily confused. What? How did she know?)
          Well...she informed me alright! She read the schedule.
          Hahaha, reading a book is one thing, but reading the nurses' schedule takes a lot of analysis and practice.

5. They know the clinic inventory including roxythromicin, elastic bandage 4 inches , mometasone cream, the pulse oxymeter. They even know how to nebulize a patient. (but, of course, I don't let them)

6. "How was your OR daddy?" they ask their dad before I can ask it myself...
          Perhaps, they are also wondering if there is something interesting at the operating room .

7. They don't need me to hold their hand when the laboratory tech is taking their blood when they're sick. They sit relaxed on the laboratory chair , and later on, they show me their lab results when it's done.

Overexposure seem like an over statement, doesn't it? I think they would really seem very unduly overexposed to my workplace...when they start reading EKG tracings or reading xray plates, cat scans and mri.


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