Thursday, June 21, 2012

Visual Acquity Screening in Kids

Why do you need to recognize visual impairment early?

Because you don't want your child to labelled dumb, moron or loser because he has unrecognized visual impairment. Early intervention can be LIFE CHANGING.

How do parents recognize that their kid is visually impaired  or has eye sight problems and needs to wear corrective glasses?

     1. Teary, red eyes and droopy eyelids could signal a vision problem.
     2. Pupils that appear white, gray, or yellow means a problem in eye sight.
     3. Kids eyes that needs to squint,cross or go to different direction to focus on an object needs to be seen by a doctor.
     4. Bulging eyes also needs to be seen by a doctor.
     5. Sometimes sitting too near a television is a clue that the child is visually impaired. (So watching TV very near does not make your child's vision impaired...but seeing him too near unlike his siblings is the hint that he has vision problem)
     6.  Poor school performance could also hint eye sight problems.
     7. Refusal to make assignments or to read could be  a child's way around the eye sight problem.

If you think your child has eye problem, please see an eye doctor. The eye doctor is called OPHTHALMOLOGIST. I know it's a bit difficult to read, say and spell...but they are the best person to say and treat if your eyes are diseased. It's the ophthalmologist who prescribes medicine or does surgery if needed (while the optometrist looks like a doctor also ,he can give you eye glasses or contact lenses...but he's not the person trained to treat sick eyes.)

What if the kid identified the picture as "t-shirt" instead of a telephone, is he visually impaired?
     Nope, he's just a kid born in the 21st century. No cellphone looks like that in the first place.

 What if the kid identified the picture as  "truck" or "bus" instead of a jeep, is he visually impaired?
     Nope, he just leaves in far Aurora .

What if the kid identified the picture as chestnut munia? Does he have bionic eyes?
     Chances are...he's not trying to impressing you, he's dad is a bird watcher.

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