Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Surgeon and his Clothes

"Iron!! Where is it?!!"

Startled like a bunch of confused birds resting on a twig, we went our way scurrying looking for the iron.

The surgeon needed to iron his clothes himself before going to the clinic. He felt that the clothes were ironed the wrong way and the only way it can be righted is if he did it himself.
He positioned himself on the couch and started ironing his clothes. And with precision movement, he steadily straightened the crumpled and twisted areas of the clothes. There were difficult to fix area, but he rationalized that the creases were chronic problem and that needs special treatment. Nevertheless, he meticulously did his task not forgetting to check then recheck symmetry and acceptability. It has to be more than perfect; it should be creaseless.

And then just like when he's in the operating room theatre...he asked me if "it's ok?"

And of course, I said "Yes" ( And even if the ironing is twisted...though it was not, he would still survive I guess)

But at the operating room theatre, when he's on his last stitch, he would usually ask the anaesthesiologist if they're doing okay. And although the situation is critical, after a quick glance on the monitors, the anaesthesiologist usually replies OK.

And after that affirmative reply by the anaesthesiologist, the surgeon finishes up , and then announces a loud..."THANK YOU, Thank You Everybody!!"

And although "thank you" is an expression of gratitude...this "thank you" also signifies the following:

1. Pulling out of the patient from medical coma by the anaesthesia staff
2. Accounting of every instruments, supplies, sponges and sutures with subsequent charging of bills
3. Starting up or completing transfusions, medications and  procedures
4.Stabilizing of patient's condition, followed by transfer to his room
(and most importantly) 
5. Cleaning up the mess from the operation. (Sometimes it literally means blood and gore)

And finally, "thank you" also means "Excuse me, operation is over, I'll be on my way..."

So when after ironing he said "Thank You" with a big smile on his face, ....I suspended what I was doing and said...

"Uy, daddy, turn it off, please pull it out of the socket ... and put it away..."

(He's not going to escape me. His "thank you" cannot mean his ironing is over and that he's on his way...he's not leaving me with a super hot iron and a burnt couch to clean up...this is not the operating room...LOL!)

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