Saturday, November 15, 2014

One of the Gods of Cardiology came to Baler

"Ay really? Will he really come?"

"But wait ... who is he? Is he really important? "

"Owhhh, He's your boss from Philippine General Hospital."

"Do we need to bow down, kiss his ring,  genuflect or address him as 'you majesty'? "

Our young cardiologist smiled and told us that , truly, he was a nice person. It just so happened that he was a cardiologist qualified to give lectures and speak in annual conventions.  He was giving lectures in areas where  doctors whom he trained were starting their clinical practices. It was meant to jump start the new cardiologist's practice in the new place. ( Not that she needed any boosting.)

She tried describing his role and prominence in medicine... but after some attempts to expound his achievements,  she gave up, and simply said that he was  one of the gods of cardiology in the Philippines...Adult cardiology.

Wow, bigtime.

There was going to be a lecture about cardiology, maybe... but what topic specifically?... Who knew.

We loved surprises.

Surprise topics... followed by surprise quizzes...?!!!
(She must really make our ophthalmologist and ENT-H&S friends come along!)

A few weeks before the lecture, the advance party from the sponsoring pharmaceutical company came. They were preparing the venue, booking, food, invitations . I guess, corresponding to the status of the speaker.  It was at this point that I realized that the lecture was ...a well planned huge event.

I wondered if  we needed to wear our white coats. I haven't worn mine in ten years.(...Jitters...I hope my patients won't see me wearing white coat.  I look scary. The kids might think I feed on children.)

A few days before the lecture, over dinner, our cardiologist asked us  what topic we wanted lectured. "Knot tying and hiking", everybody blurted out...hahaha...that would be fun. We would be able to use the knowledge on our next adventure.

"No guys, seriously..." she added honestly.

We looked at each other and started laughing out loud. The three surgeons agreed that if they had problems with their patient's heart, they can just send the patients to her.

And wait, there was another suggestion. How could he lecture about it? (somebody asked what chos , echos and fezlak meant)

On November 11, 8:30 to 11:30 am, there was going to be a free ECG, FBS and starter medicine for 50-70 patients. Other fellows in training  for cardiology were coming from Philippine General Hospital to help our cardiologist out.  And then, later that night, the lecture.

They came. Hooray.

Premiere General Hospital Baler Aurora

The earliest patient came at three o'clock in the morning.  The list for free ECG and FBS was filled up before 8:30 am. There were more than 200 patients who came.

PGH cardiology section in Baler

But the pharmaceutical company  GX International came prepared. There were medicines for these patients who came.


The lecture was about Hypertension.

 The speaker was freshening up an hour after arriving from Manila. He came with the GX International's product manager, vice president for operations and field sales manager. Our speaker was someone important in Metro Manila the Cardiology.

Should we get his autograph? or a group tattoo?

Were they waiting for the speaker or dinner?

Dr. Nelson S. Abelardo was going to be introduced. There were two sheets of printout to introduce him. Somebody whispered that there was a version ,4 sheets long to introduce him in other speaking engagement. (Yayks, somebody might fall off to sleep half way through the introduction...hahaha). But for tonight, half a sheet would be enough.

Interesting fellow. Great speaker. He explains simply. Good sense of humor. Very ,very smart. Bonus feature, he answers silly questions too...honestly.

The lecture was unexpectedly longer than usual. The fellows said that he got a little carried away. Since everybody was attentive, he explained a bit more.

 Who would not listen?

 I think after the lecture , I can treat hypertensive adults though I am a pediatrician...wink.

Dr Nelson S Abelardo at Baler

We wouldn't pass up the opportunity to have our pictures taken with 'You Majesty'.

The team who brought  'god of cardiology' to speak in Baler

Thanks Doctor Nelson S. Abelardo.

Thanks GX International.

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