Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Central Incisor

Between ages 7 to 8 years old,  the temporary incisors fall off to be replaced by permanent incisors.
Anyway, this baby girl’s two front teeth is about to fall off. But already, it looks awkward. So after so much encouraging and teasing, she agreed to go to the dentist and have them pulled out.
She was so brave. Not a cry, not a wince.

The teeth came off. She was already biting cotton when I saw her. She happily announced that she was not scared of the injections and the teeth were removed unremarkably. She was satisfied about it. She’s been pretty proud of herself and was bragging about it to her elder brother.
When we got home...she saw herself on the mirror...she started howling. As she came back to see her reflection on the mirror, the crying intensifies. She found herself hideous looking...she was so inconsolable ... (I guess being ugly is much more painful than getting the anaesthetic shots.)
Lesson: Mothers should bring a mirror to the dentist’s office. And it should be handed right away after the avoid the HOWLING effect at home.