Friday, November 18, 2011

To Nebulize or Not to Nebulize

1.What is a nebulizer?

 Nebulizer is the machine used to nebulize. (that is one crazy definition). Nebulizers turns liquid medicine into mist so it can go directly to the lungs. The size of the droplets in the mist must be small enough to travel even to the smallest airway where the action of the drug is direly needed.

2.Do all coughs need to be nebulized?


 Diseases with coughs in children that needs to be nebulized:
   a. Asthma
   b. Pneumonia with wheeze
   c. Bronchiolitis
   d. Wheezing associated respiratory illness
   e. Allergies with wheeze
   f. Pneumonia

3.Which kind of asthmatics needs to buy their own nebulizer?

Kinds/Classification of Asthmatics
Need to Buy a Nebulizer
Special Comment
Mild Intermittent Asthma
Day Attacks
less than 2x a week

Night Attacks
are less than 2x a month
Mild Persistent Asthma
Day Attacks
less than 6 days week

It is useful and convinient to have one. 
Night Attacks
less than 3-4x a month
Moderate Persistent Asthma
Day Attacks


If you have been seeing one doctor for the longest time, seek another opinion, but, if you are seeing too many doctors, stick to one. Or get a team of doctors who’d work together.
Night Attacks
More than 4x a month
Severe Persistent Asthma
Day Attacks
Throughout the day


You and your child need a team of doctors: Your pediatrician, pediatric pulmonologist, pediatric allergologist, (and your financial adviser;)
Night Attacks
Every night

4.Can you use any kind of solution on your nebulizer?

No, you must ask your doctor about it. (Don't use distilled water or those with menthol; don't worsen your child's condition please )

5.Is it addictive or habit forming to frequently use a nebulizer?

No. The extent of using the nebulizer depends on the classification of your child’s asthma. It may seem as though children with moderate to severely persistent asthma are addicted to a nebulizer, but the truth is, they are struggling to live. And that they need a better management  from a good doctor and a better follow through from a truly concerned parent or caregiver.

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