Saturday, November 2, 2013

No Available Medicine

"What???!!! No Flucounazole capsule? "  I asked the nurse at the station. I swear, I remember Melanie, the OBGYN doctor just prescribed those a few weeks ago, and she mentioned that our pharmacy doesn't have the 150 mg capsules. So she prescribes 3 of 50mg capsules available in stock for her patients.

"Call them up again." They might have overlooked it. It's easier to say that the drug is not available rather than go through the list.

"Doctora, the pharmacist said that it's not available." The nurse confirmed it.

I need it. No. The patient needs it. And being unavailable in our pharmacy does not mean that the patient will stop needing it.

"Please tell the parents to look for it in drugstores in town and the other hospital too." I instructed the nurses. Mercury is a large chain of drugstores nationwide, I'm certain they have it. There are a few other drugstores in town  also. It's a fairly common drug.

I slept soundly that night. I was not informed that the medicine was not given.

"What? The medicine was not given?" I sounded incredulous as I was standing in front of the nurses station the following day.

"Eh,Doctora, they tried looking everywhere. They have been to all drugstores including the hospital in Reserva. Nobody has it." the nurses explained.


I hit the hallway. I walked past intensive care heading toward the patient's room. The patient was initially admitted in a room that lodges 3 kids. But as soon as I examined him, I ordered a list of lab works, made them transfer to isolation room and added a few more drugs. I tapped the door before entering their room.

"How is our baby?" I asked . I closed the door behind me."Does he feel well? Did he sleep well?" I added while I was pouring alcohol on my palm, then rubbing it to my hands up to my forearms.

But before they answered my question, "Doctora, Mercury said that the medicine that you requested will be available tomorrow afternoon when their shipment comes, but they are a bit uncertain." grandmother breathlessly and worriedly related.

"No, tell them that you cancelled your order. Tomorrow afternoon is a long time. I'll take care of it." I was hoping my mother can buy it for me at Cabanatuan City and send it to me this afternoon by bus or by van.

"The medicine will come today, or latest, is tonight." I added ,I assured the parents that the medicine will definitely come anytime today.

After I left their room, I called up my mother. She was at her doctors clinic, she couldn't talk to me right away. But I did mention that the baby was toxic, and I needed that medicine.

My mother, though she's not into anything medical, knew what toxic means. It being very, very sick, dying, life-and-death situation, 50-50 chances of survival ,or seriously ill. I've been making her buy medicines and blood products ever since this hospital came into existence.

"Ma, come on, send it already." I was being insistent. It was already afternoon after my last OPD patient. She told me that the medicine was already at the van, but the van was still waiting for passengers. The medicine will come tonight.

The van carrying the medicine left Cabanatuan City around 6:37pm. It's a good thing there wasn't any landslides along the way. We got it around 10:30pm.

A few days later...yes he got better.

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